DJ, Emcee & Choreographer


Being an entertainer with all three skills is how I have grown to be one of the most requested entertainers in the industry. Among the professional DJs in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara, I am proud to be named one of the most versatile entertainers in Southern California! Each set is backed by 15 years of experience with weddings, corporate, bar & bat mitzvahs, and crowd warmups.

DJ Will Gill Choreographer
Professional DJ

Master Of Ceremonies.

Also known as The M.C. or Emcee, my work begins the very moment we connect. Leading up to the event, I help wedding couples, coordinators, and planners craft the perfect timeline. The perfect timeline should not only keep guests engaged and entertained on the dance floor, but should also allow space for any special dances or moments you may want to share with those most close to you. I then take the timeline we create and guide your guests through the evening by using charm and charisma on the microphone.

Clients have the added option to utilize my experience as a crowd warmup emcee for television shows. If your guests aren’t eager to rush to the dance floor, we can always warm up the room with interactive games like The Shoe Game, where guests can laugh as they get to know the wedding couple a little more.

Professional DJ

When it comes to wedding entertainment, if emceeing is the appetizer, then DJing is the main course! My raw talent lies in my ability to mix multiple genres, play with the crowd, and fit 40 songs in an hour, all while staying within the “Do and Do Not Play” requests of a client. I am what is called an Open Format DJ, which is someone who can call up a lot of songs from a lot of different genres. I am also a Turntablist, which is someone who uses turntables in a live setting to remix and restructure songs to create a completely unique DJ set.

Clients have the added option to utilize my experience as an audio engineer and music producer. I offer optional DJ services that include preset DJ mixes for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and elopements. I also meet clients in studio and help them cut songs into special edits and remixes for grand entrances, first dances, flash dances, etc.


I enjoy what I do simply because music moves me. I enjoy dancing and helping other find their groove. Before I was a DJ and emcee, I was a choreographer.

Clients have the added option to utilize my dance experience to help them with choreographing grand entrances, first dances, father daughter dances, line dances, and flash mobs. If need be, I can also get out on the floor and teach your older guests “this crazy dance that all the young people are doing”!


Lightning and FX:

  • Dance Floor Lighting: Elevate your dance floor with colorful effects programmed to move with the music.
  • Uplighting: Add more color to the room by placing wireless uplighting along walls, corners, and behind the sweetheart table.  As an added bonus, these lights can be programmed to move with the music once the dance floor opens!
  • Gobo: Create your own monogram or stencil image to be displayed on the floor, wall or ceiling.
  • Water Based Fog Machine: for couple looking to have a grand entrance and first dance “On The Clouds”
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