5 Great Questions To Ask Wedding Photographers

By Erin Marton, SoCal Wedding Photographer (& Great Friend to DJ Will Gill)

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, Orange County, or any destination worldwide, I HIGHLY recommend you ask a few questions before you sign the contract!

There are hundreds of incredibly talented wedding photographers in Southern California. To help you feel confident you’re hiring the perfect photographer to capture your day, here a 5 great questions to ask wedding photographers:

  • #1: Can I See A Full Wedding Gallery You Previously Photographed?

    ceremony questions to ask wedding photographer erin martonLet me guess…you probably found your favorite wedding photographer on Instagram? Or maybe The Knot?

    You clicked through a few photos, thought they looked nice, and emailed to find out if they were available for your date.

    There’s NOTHING wrong with this approach, it’s completely normal! However, seeing a small handful of photos from a photographer’s portfolio won’t tell you their ability to handle any lighting situation on a wedding day.

    Ask your wedding photographer if you can see a full gallery (or several) of previous weddings they have photographed. This ensures their skills are up to the task and look consistent with the few photos you’ve seen from them so far!

  • #2: Where Can I Read Reviews From Past Clients?

    question about reviews wedding photographer erin marton

    ALWAYS ask to see reviews from a trusted platform when looking for your wedding photographer. Usually, you can find reviews on…

    The Knot

    Wedding Wire

    Facebook Business Page

    Google Business Listing


    Your wedding photographer should be thrilled to share all the great reviews from their past clients! I highly recommend you ask to take a look.

  • #3: How Do You Back Up Your Photos?

    engagement questions to ask wedding photographer erin marton

    Wait, what? This might sound like a strange question to ask wedding photographers, but it is key!

    Besides showing up and doing a great job taking photos on your wedding day, it is your photographer’s responsibility to make sure they are safely backing up your wedding photos so they will not be lost!

    Couples who hired “a friend with a camera” or an inexperienced photographer who ended up losing the majority or even ALL of their wedding pictures make for terrifying stories.

    Ask about how your photographer will make sure this never happens to you!

  • #4: When Do I Get All My Photos After The Wedding?

    wedding photographer erin marton bridesmaids pic

    Do you have a friend who waited months for their wedding photos? Likewise, I’m raising my own hand here!

    No one likes waiting, but a question you should definitely ask your wedding photographer is when you’ll receive your wedding photos (and make sure this is in the contract!) so you know how long it will take.

    Make sure this timeline is clearly established so you don’t have to follow up and ask.

    Bonus: Ask if you will receive any “sneak peek” photos before the full album is ready to go! These are often delivered more quickly so you have a few instant memories from the wedding day.

  • #5: How Many Photos Will I Receive From My Wedding Day?

    wedding photographer erin marton group pic

    Some photographers have an estimated amount of images you’ll receive from your wedding day, and it can vary dramatically from person to person!

    Check with your wedding photographer and make sure you are receiving at minimum 400 images from an 8 hour wedding photography package. This is industry standard, and it’s good to know what you’re getting! I recommend you ask to have this in the contract too 🙂

Were these questions helpful? Share them with your friends if they need a photographer too! Now that you know questions to ask wedding photographers, you’re totally set now on how to find the photographer of your dreams.

Erin Marton is a wedding photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County. She is based in Southern California and is known for her colorful, candid wedding photos.

Erin is skilled in natural light photography and flash photography. Her abilities translate from upscale wedding celebrations to intimate elopements all over SoCal.

You can find her website here and follow her on Instagram!