When it comes to wedding entertainment, if emceeing is the appetizer, then DJing is the main course! My raw talent lies in my ability to mix multiple genres, play with the crowd, and fit 40 songs in an hour, all while staying within the “Do and Do Not Play” requests of a client. I am what is called an Open Format DJ, which is someone who can call up a lot of songs from a lot of different genres. I am also a Turntablist, which is someone who uses turntables in a live setting to remix and restructure songs to create a completely unique DJ set.

Clients have the added option to utilize my experience as an audio engineer and music producer. I offer optional DJ services that include preset DJ mixes for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, andelopements. I also meet clients in studio and help them cut songs into special edits and remixes for grand entrances, first dances, flash dances, etc.