As a Wedding DJ, Orange County has been my home to DJ sets of many varieties. I enjoy providing wedding DJ services in Orange County and Los Angeles, but I also get the pleasure of being a party DJ at Themed Parties. Themed Parties are where the music format is bound to one genre like Disco, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, or a select DJ los angeles will gill at superbowlThe video for this wedding blog highlights what I call The New Old School and contains songs from the 2000’s Decade. As a wedding DJ wearing the headphones in Orange County, Im seeing more requests for 2000s artists like Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani, T-Pain, and Black Eyed Peas than previously before.
What helps me to turn auditions into gigs is my ability to easily curate mixes of all types. Above all, I try to extend beyond the typical DJ services and give my Orange County couples more. While this content is meant as a sample of pop and hip hop of the early 2000s (the Year 2000 to be exact), I hand craft all of my sets (pun intended) and encourage my clients to listen to my mixes on date nights, road trips, workouts, and after parties. Take a listen and feel free to put in your own special request.

More Mixes

If you enjoyed the quick snippet above, consider making a request for your upcoming event. Alternatively, if you did not enjoy the quick snippet above, consider making a request. I am an open format DJ. I love showcasing what I bring to the table regarding wedding DJ services throughout Orange County. I’m always looking for and up for new challenges with my turntables. Let me know if there are any specific genres or decades you’d love to see. for your consideration, Im happy to make a mix for you listening pleasure. In the meantime, check out my highlghted mixes on my site’s page and follow to my Mixcloud Page for the full gamut of Orange County wedding DJ sets, mixes, and streams.

I love The 2000s. A Wedding DJ in Orange County Bias 🙂

The 2000s saw many trends. Some were good. While, some were bad. Still, all of them are worthy of a good Throwback Thursday post (if you have the visual evidence). While this DJ in Orange County is guilty of falling for most of these, raise a hand you resonates with any of the following:

  • IPod Nanos
  • The Phrase “Hello Moto”
  • MSN
  • Myspace
  • Signing or simply scribbling on your Converse sneakers
michael cera wedding DJ los angeles will gill favorite movie actor
  • DVD Rentals (I miss you Blockbuster)
  • Avril Lavigne (also, is she related to Adam? Or, is that a typo?)
  • Von Dutch
  • Also, Livestrong Bracelets
  • The wait for another Harry Potter installment
  • Downloading from Limewire
  • Wishing Britney and Justin would last forever
  • Your First Love/Hate Relationship with reality tv
  • Your first webcam (What’s HD?)
  • Balloon Boy
  • The Band Lit. Still requested at weddings, also DJs from Orange County!
  • Y2K bug (but it only mattered for the first millisecond of 2000)
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Aloe Blacc, kind of on the late end. Also from Orange County (a little wedding DJ trivia for you!)
amy winehouse wedding DJ los angeles will gill favorite artist

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