Virtual and Hybrid Event Entertainment

Hybrid Events

2022 is the year of combined virtual and in person events. Keeping attendees engaged in both the live and virtual event space takes a tech savvy and charismatic entertainer.

Will Gill works exclusively with event organizers to bring hybrid event platforms to live events. His take on hybrid events offers an unrivaled performance. One where users are seen and heard, making them feel part of the event experience.

Because of this, Will Gill was named Forbes Next 1000 for Innovation with Virtual Audiences and named Wall Street Journal’s Virtual DJ-Emcee for Corporate America.

Will Gill, Emcee & DJ

Will Gill is an event emcee, a celebrity DJ, and an engaging entertainer. He is the highest rated corporate event DJ in America, according to post event reviews on Google.

If you would like to make Will Gill part of your event strategy, please use our contact page. Fill out the info, including virtual event platform and number of in person and virtual attendees. Our team will get back to you right away. We look forward to being part of your event team!

DJ Mixes

There are many virtual DJs on the market. Only a few have crossed over into hybrid entertainment. How does a live stream DJ master the virtual component  while connecting with those who attend in person?

The answer is in the music. A hybrid event DJ has the ability to seamlessly blend genres, decades, and artists for all. This ensures the in-person audience can enjoy a live event. This ensures the virtual attendees can party freely in their own curated environment.

Do you have a nice size list of potential hi DJs for the wedding day? Start filtering by getting samples of their DJ style. Ask each wedding DJ company where you can hear some of their mixes.

For easy streaming access, most professional wedding DJs have a Mixcloud page. The above mixes are just a small sample. For the full list of multiple genres, check out DJ Will Gill’s Mixcloud DJ sets.