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Every great wedding starts with a great emcee. In a perfect world, the answer to a perfect wedding would be as simple as that. Unfortunately, this isn’t common knowledge if you’re a newly engaged couple, especially in Los Angeles. When it comes to an unforgettable wedding, “points” are awarded to the DJ. Yet, it is the wedding emcee who deserves the “assist”. After all, it is the emcee who sets up all the evening’s fun ahead.

Find A Wedding Emcee in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, is simply the place for various forms of enjoyment and celebration. Although this opinion may lie in the eye of the beholder, many wedding couples revel in the fact that they can choose between the beaches and the big city of Los Angeles to say “I Do”. Once you’ve found your wedding venue, the next two items on your to-do list are strategically crucial. One item is to find an experienced wedding coordinator. The other is to find the best wedding entertainment in Los Angeles. If you’ve decided to go with a DJ over a live wedding band, then you’ll want a great DJ who is also a great wedding emcee.

When couples first think of hiring a wedding DJ, the perception that the DJ will also have to emcee isn’t exactly matter of course. After all, they’re called Wedding DJs, not Wedding DJ-Emcees.

Not only is there a wide world to choose from, but a world wide web of indexes that list almost an infinite amount of DJs. For tips on how to filter down your list of prospects, check out my how-to guide. It’s featured on WeddingChicks.com, a great all-in-one wedding inspiration site for wedding couples.

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Wedding Emcees In Los Angeles Are Clutch

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Los Angeles is home to a melting pot of great artists. Actors, backed by brilliant writers, make epic productions for television and the big screen. Musicians and singers use the universal language to succeed in the music business. It is within the wedding industry where you’ll find a unique collaboration of differentiating artists. From wedding coordinator, to photographer, to emcee, these artists from Los Angeles to Orange County are in the business of creating great memories in the name of love.

Just like the actors and musicians in Los Angeles, the best wedding emcee is a performer and a personality. At the same time, the wedding emcee is working behind the scenes to keep the event together. Otherwise, from falling apart.

Behind The Los Angeles Emcee.

An emcee, formally known as the Master Of Ceremonies, is the key to “the energy of the party before the party”. If you pull back the curtain of a Los Angeles Emcee at work, you’ll see a multitasker very much alive and kicking. The role of an emcee at a wedding includes the following:

  • Behind The Scenes
    • Keep track of the timeline and its on-time accuracy.
    • Make sure vendors, specifically the photographers and videographers, are in place before starting any point in the timeline.
    • Make sure important guests, are in place before starting any point in the timeline. An example is making sure the Best Man is in place before introducing his toast.
    • Read the room. Assess if the crowd is getting antsy or bored.
    • Coordinate with the wedding coordinator and venue manager. Specifically, regarding timeline updates and changes.
  • On The Mic
    • Corral guests where needed.
    • Warm up the room.
    • Keep the room engaged and energized.
    • Make clear and charismatic announcements, on time and ahead of time.
    • Guide guests through the event.
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The best wedding emcee can successfully manage all of the above. They will bounce back-and-forth, working both behind the scenes and performing on the mic. This is all done for the sake of keeping the wedding afloat until the dance floor opens. As mentioned at the top of this article, if the DJ slam dunks, it was the emcee who provided the assist. It is all very calculated. We can see that at weddings, the emcee works almost nonstop. However, the emcee’s job actually began months before with creation of the wedding timeline.

The Wedding Timeline

Here in Los Angeles, I am an all-in-one wedding emcee, DJ, and personality. When it comes to wedding receptions, I look at them in two acts. The first act includes everything that leads up to the end of dinner. The second act starts when dinner is concluded and events begin to take place on the dance floor.

The Formula

A typical wedding reception timeline looks like this:

  • Grand Entrance
  • First Dance
  • Welcome Speech
  • Dinner
    • Toasts
    • The Wedding Couple Visits Guest Tables
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Anniversary Dance
  • Small Dance Set
  • Cake Cutting
  • Wedding Couple’s Thank You Speech
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss
  • Open Dance Set
  • Grand Exit

As a wedding emcee in Los Angeles, I have worked over 175 weddings since writing this article. I can honestly say that more than 50% of those weddings used the above formula. Of course there are variations. For example, toasts during dinner can be split into two acts. Another example is when the wedding couple’s Thank You Speech is done during dinner.

All of this being said, the best wedding emcee, from Los Angeles to Orange County, knows which variation works for you. When it comes to wedding planning, your emcee (and coordinator) will assist you in making sure the order of events flow with your vision.

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The Flow

The flow of a wedding timeline should keep guests entertained, engaged, and energized. More importantly, the flow of a wedding timeline should allow the wedding couple to be guests at their own party. The wedding couple should not feel rushed from formality to formality. There should be room for the wedding couple to breathe and grab a drink if they want. Lastly, the flow of a wedding timeline should allow wiggle room for any unforeseeable delay that may occur.This can be anything from the bride’s needing to step away for wedding dress maintenance to the best man’s speech going 10 minutes over, to the auto mechanic repair needed with the horse and carriage.

Find one of the best wedding emcees in Los Angeles and your event will flow nicely, from start to finish.

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