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Across America, in person events are back! 2022 is The Year of The Event Variety. With options like virtual, hybrid, and real time events, keeping attendees engaged takes a tech savvy and charismatic entertainer.

Live Event Host Will Gill has over 700 Five-Star Reviews on Google, making him the highest rated event emcee for event attendees. Because of his talents live on stage, Will Gill was named Forbes Next 1000 for Media and Entertainment. Because of his unique way of keeping the audience engaged online, Will Gill was named Wall Street Journal’s Virtual DJ-Emcee for Corporate America.

Will Gill The Event Host

Professional event emcee Will Gill works exclusively with event producers to bring high energy and engagement to corporate events. He hosts live events and virtual conferences with charisma and personality. His take on hybrid events offers an unrivaled performance. One where users are seen and heard, making them feel part of the event experience.

Book Event Host Will Gill

If you would like to make Will Gill part of your event strategy, please use our contact page. Please include brief event planning details and whether you need a virtual emcee or a live event host. Our team will get back to you right away. We look forward to being part of your event team!

Will Gill’s Portfolio

Although he is known as one of the top live event hosts in America, Will Gill is most often booked for corporate events as the all-in-one Emcee-DJ.

DJ Will Gill is an open-format DJ who plays a variety of genres, decades, and artists appropriate to the event’s environment. His ability to seamlessly blend music types while interacting with the audience makes him on of the most versatile event entertainers in corporate America.

Below is an ever-updating list of events and clients Will Gill has had the pleasure of celebrating with.

Paypal’s Global Virtual Conferences

Will Gill was named Paypal’s Virtual Event Emcee alongside his UK counterpart in 2021. Will Gill was awarded this after DJing for Paypal’s 29 hour “All Together Gathering” in 2020.

Event Host Definition

The event host is a Master of Ceremonies who delivers information and guides event attendees through the run of show.

The live event host job description includes crowd engagement, Voice of God, and timeline management with corporate event planners.

The titles of the engaging personality on the mic are interchangeable. They can be called Emcee, MC, Master of Ceremonies, and live event host.

Event Host Responsibilities

The live event emcee is first responsible for warming up the audience. Their mic savvy and personality sets the tone for the program ahead.

Throughout the rest of the program, the event host will execute smooth transitions between event segments. If there are unforeseen changes or hiccups to the run of show, the event emcee can improvise on the mic and right the ship.

The event host’s job is to build hype for all other acts and keynote speakers. Will Gill executes this job description at every event. He has received over 700 Five-Star Reviews for his ability to deliver information and entertain guests,

DJ Mixes

There are many virtual DJs on the market. Only a few have crossed over into hybrid entertainment. How does a live stream DJ master the virtual component  while connecting with those who attend in person?

The answer is in the music. A hybrid event DJ has the ability to seamlessly blend genres, decades, and artists for all. This ensures the in-person audience can enjoy a live event. This ensures the virtual attendees can party freely in their own curated environment.

Do you have a nice size list of potential hi DJs for the wedding day? Start filtering by getting samples of their DJ style. Ask each wedding DJ company where you can hear some of their mixes.

For easy streaming access, most professional wedding DJs have a Mixcloud page. The above mixes are just a small sample. For the full list of multiple genres, check out DJ Will Gill’s Mixcloud DJ sets.

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